Main Street Greenville
503 Washington Avenue
Greenville, MS 38701
Phone - 662.378.3121
Fax - 662.378.3966



  • Bringing the community together for the common goal of saving downtown.
  • Building consensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a role in the revitalization process.
  • Raising money for projects and administration from donations and sponsorships.
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers.
  • Enhancing the physical appearance of downtown.
  • Educating others about good design.
  • Encouraging quality property improvements.
  • Guiding future growth and shaping regulations.
  • Creating and implementing design incentive programs.
  • Promoting downtown in a broader sense.
  • Identifying downtown assets.
  • Defining downtown’s market niche.
  • Creating new image campaigns- retail promotion and special events.
Economic Restructuring
  • Learning about downtown’s current economic development condition.
  • Identifying opportunities for market growth.
  • Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones.
  • Finding new economic uses for traditional downtown buildings.
  • Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitations and business development.
  • Monitoring the economic performance of the district.